Teaming with Excell

At Excell, we want each Client relationship to be satisfying and productive for all parties. Therefore, at the outset, Excell’s operational philosophy is discussed with each Client to assure there are clear and mutually agreed upon understandings of how the process works.

When an inquiry is received from a potential Client we make an initial assessment of the problem. Based on the issues and facts discussed, Excell evaluates the feasibility of recovery and makes its recommendation. If warranted, Excell personnel will travel to the Client’s offices for further evaluation and present the proposed strategy, outlining the recommended services and preliminarily agreeing upon an appropriate approach.

Excell provides “unbundled services” for specific, discrete tasks, e.g., Contract Administration, Negotiation Support, etc. Excell uses a standard Consultant Retainer Agreement, which clearly defines the scope of its services and in some cases it may accept a Client-prepared Purchase Order.

Each Client has a Program Director responsible for the services being provided. In addition to serving as the primary contact and either performing or overseeing all services provided, the Program Director also reviews and approves all deliverables for the Client.

Excell works on a “best effort basis” – i.e., hourly plus reimbursable. When preparing Requests for Equitable Adjustment, Excell tracks time to the Client’s account at the hourly rates published in the “agreed to” Fee Schedule. The hourly rates are based on the classification and skill category of personnel assigned to the project.

Teaming with Excell

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John G. BalchTeaming with Excell