Claims & Disputes

Excell is an expert in the preparation and negotiation of Contract Claims, Requests for Equitable Adjustment, and Change Order Proposals. Excell’s graphics-oriented methodology has proven effective in the settlement of disputes. Services include identification and evaluation of the viability of entitlement issues and their presentation and negotiation of same.

Contractor-Prepared Claim Evaluation:

Excell examines claims or claim evaluations prepared by Contractors, Owners or other firms to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Excell’s evaluation includes the following:

  • Complex Fact Finding
  • Contractual Access and Authority for same (if any)
  • Correctly Identifying and Positioning Recover Strategy
  • Appropriate Entitlement Discussion and “relevance evaluation and analysis” development.
  • Accuracy and Reasonableness of Cost and Schedule Calculations and
  • Recognition and inclusion of all relevant Contract information and how it interplays in the specific situation

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John G. BalchClaims & Disputes