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“Here Today, For Your Tomorrow”

“This is not just an Excell slogan, it’s simply the truth.” – John Balch

Excell has been saving projects, companies and careers since 1983. From its beginning, it rapidly evolved into a leader in the Contract Disputes / Claim Avoidance arena with few equals. Excell was a pioneer of today’s present day Contract Disputes / Claim Avoidance approach, packaging and factual content presentations. Excell’s method is today’s means, method and manner in handling contractual matters correctly without regard to their size, dollar value, or complexity. Excell does it “every day” as a matter of routine practice.

Excell is not a “body shop” but rather a boutique organization designed to rapidly uncover contractual matters before they become your problem. In essence, Excell operates under the philosophy that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. However, Claims and Requests for Equitable Adjustments are inevitable and when they occur you need the right team to understand their makeup and recover either the time, the costs, or both associated with their occurrence. The Excell team creates your package that will allow the matters to be rapidly resolved with tangible results flowing to its clients. Over the last 3+ decades, the Excell cost to its clients has proven to be rather insignificant, when evaluated against the recoveries that have actually have occurred. In essence the Excell costs often become transparent.

Excell is Client-Oriented and has experienced and skilled personnel available in all areas to handle all contractual matters. Whether the project involves the building of 525 houses in Sicily, Italy, a Red Team review of a $2 Billion Dollar Operation & Maintenance Contract, a contract dispute involving the Federal Government in the $100 million dollar range, a present day termination of a multi-million dollar Air Force contract, a default issue, differing site condition issue, value engineering issue, acceleration, compression, ripple effect, or productivity loss, we have the cadre to handle the issues and have done so successfully over the years. No contractual issue is too small or too large for Excell. We have done them all and Excell exists as proof of that accomplishment. Our staff includes Certified Professional Contracts Manager(s), Attorneys, M.B.A.’s, Graphic Design Specialists, Architects, Forensic Specialists, and a gamut of available professional engineers. Excell and Nautilus have agreed to a Teaming Arrangement that will allow for cross-utilization of personnel and enhance the high caliber of both companies products to the benefit of all our clients.

Our client base covers the full spectrum of companies from Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, Bechtel, Fluor, Turner, Linpro, Granite, ITT, Northrop Grumman, Cogefar-Impresit, to the local contractor, owner, or in many cases, the country’s largest law firms. Other clients include Johnson Controls, California Department of Corrections, ICF International, American Water Works, R&O Construction, Entek Inc, Fidelity & Deposit Surety, HB Zachry, IRS Inc., Kitchell, PA&E Inc., Pettit & Martin, Marnell Corrao & Associates, West Electronics, Wimpey Minerals, Willis Corron, Holland & Hart, and others.

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